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When I first started college I wore my LGBTQ button
on my book bag with conviction
but now I wear it with shame
because a bisexual college girl has become a cliche.

My closet has many rooms.

I am tired of being questioned by professors
if I am gay because most of my protagonists are.
I am tired of my boyfriend suggesting we have a threesome
because we would both enjoy it.
I am tired of being the exception to monogamy.
I am tired of being a phase
when phase is just another word for slut in my case
I am tired of being painted as a drunk straight girl
my feelings for my best friend in high school
cannot be compared to a hangover
I am tired of feeling guilty
for having a boyfriend all through high school
because even though I didn’t love him
he helped me survive in a small town
where too many LGBTQ buttons
were met with violence.

When I first came out to my mother
she slammed the closet door in my face.
She said bisexuality did not exist
that you are either straight or gay
and being gay is fine
but since I was her daughter she knew
that I was doing this for attention.

She knew that I was doing this for attention.

I am tired of being a private spectacle.
I am tired of being a conversation
you save until the fifth date
I have opened the closet door but I have not stepped out
because I am tired of being a trope
but if i’m going to be a stereotype
at least make me a permanent one.

I am tired of being seen as temporary.

To my boyfriend, I am tired of proving my commitment to you.
To my gay friends, I am sorry I didn’t fight the same battle as you.
To my fellow bisexual college girls, be proud.
To my mother,

do I have your attention now?

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if someone wants to come cuddle w/ me in bed and listen to my problems and watch lame movies with me and eat pizza u are welcome to

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Fat/Plus Size Friends:

Torrid stopped carrying the bras I love in my size! I need new bras bad & I dunno where to go.

I currently wear the Torrid Push Up Lace bra regularly (they have 1 of these left on their website but I’m soooo not into pale pink) & I wear a 46D.

I don’t like Lane Bryant’s bras cause I tend to wear them out in a couple months, tops. I need something sturdy & able to hold the girls up.

My ask is open, or you can reblog w suggestions (others may benefit from this info too!)

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